This page contains my DB of created software.


MP3CD DB is a little set of perl- and php-scripts to organise your mp3cd-archive. It's got its own site at


Some simple TF-macro's:

;;  /subshell <command>
;;  - exec shell-command without output in a subshell
;;    Does the same thing as /sys, but causes no tf-delays.
/def subshell = /sys (%* > /dev/null 2<&1 &)

;; Send linelen when resizing your terminal
/def -hRESIZE linelen = \
  /quote -dsend -w -S @linelen /test echo(columns() - 1)

;; simple reconnect-macro.
;; I usually have {world_name}_ssl for all my ssl-tunnels to my common worlds.
;; That's 2 worlds defined with /addworld!
;; But if you disconnect from an ssl-tunnel-world, the tunnel collapses and
;; you'll have to wait. That's why we'll strip _ssl from these worlds.
/def -hDISCONNECT reconnect = \
  /test connect(replace("_ssl", "", {1}))

;; Clear screen: gagges the verbose resume, clears the screen and ungagges
;; the verbose resume.
/def clear = \
  /def -ag -mglob -hRESUME temp_no_verbose_resume %;\
  /sh clear %;\
  /undef temp_no_verbose_resume

A few TF-libs I created. You can load them with '/load <filename>'


GKrellMMS is a GKrellM-plugin (or XMMS-plugin) which handles XMMS from within GKrellM. I'm not the author anymore, so please don't bug me with bugs anymore.
You can find GKrellMMS at